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Shanghai's People's Square occupies a large portion of the geographic city center and is People's Squarehome to Shanghai's city hall. Underneath the square is the city's largest metro station and the only station to transfer between metro to lines one and two. Linking the two lines are elongated shopping arcades while above ground is the People's Park, the Shanghai Museum, the Shanghai Art Museum, the Grand Theatre and the Urban Planning Hall.

The lawns and plazas making up People's Square hint at the old racetrack that once occupied the grounds. Of all the Western extravaganes throughout old Shanghai, none was more celebrated by the wealthy than the horse races. Held twice annually, schools and businesses went on holiday and all social life focused on the otcomes of the races and the surrounding festivities. The rich imported horses from Arabia and Mongolia were trained throughout the year in preparation for their big day. After 1949, the racetrack was converted into the People's Park to offer festivities all could enjoy.

Highlights in People's Square People's Park

Housed in the old Race Club Building, the Shanghai Art Gallery has been steadily improved its collection to provide visitors with greater access to Chinese and foreign masterpieces. In 2002, the museum hosted a blown glass exhibition featuring colored glass blown into traditional and modern shapes. Much of the collection has since found its way into high-priced boutiques on Nanjing Chinese art, the museum still strives to feature works of ehnic artists and Renaissance masters.

Another highlight fond in People's Square is People's Park, a welcome respite from the crowds. Tree lined lanes wind through pools and over gentle rises topped with small pavilions. It's one of the few places in Shanghai where visitors can sit on the grass and this park is rarely crowded despite its central location. Vendors sell drinks and snacks outside the entrance.


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