Oriental Pearl TV Tower

Oriental Pearl TV TowerThe Broadcasting & Television Tower of Oriental Pearl is the world's third tallest TV tower after the 553-meter CN Tower in Toronto and the 535-meter Moscow TV Tower. It is situated in the tip of Lujiazui on the eastern shore of Huangpu River, facing off the classic beauty of the Bund. With a giddy height of 468 meters, the tower is Shanghai's new landmark and a big magnet for tourists. Every visitor will invariably be overwhelmed by its serenity and grandeur. The glittering light on the top sparkles at night, radiating rays of hope to everyone who views it.

With a unique design composed of balls and columns, the tower has become Shanghai's newest landmark and a big magnet for tourists. The designers magically set the eleven beautiful spheres of various sizes up from the green grassland to the blue sky with two giant spheres shining like two rubies. The whole design is rich in poetic and pictorial splendor, which gives the tourist the impression that pearls of various sizes are dropping onto the emerald plate.

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