Nanjing Road

nanjing roadChina's most famous shopping street, Nanjing Lu which was named one of the World's Seven Great Roads in the 1930's, sweeps across the city center through the heart of the old French Concession. Although many retailers have been replaced by luxury shops (or steel and glass office buildings), there's still quite a bit of faded colonial charm in the few 1920's era buildings that dot the bustling road.

One of most famous shops worth to visit is the Toy Shop on Nanjing Road East, thousands of selections at good prices!  Many of the Chinese toys you saw in the department stores in your home country will be three times expensive (or more) than here, highly recommend you to bring some toys home for Christmas presents.

A night visit is highly recommended because of all the flashing neon signs along this street. If you want to experience a bright and vibrant part of Shanghai, this is it. Not to be missed.

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