Square Pagoda

Square PagodaThe Square Pagoda in Songjiang District was built in AD 949. Made of wood and bricks, the nine-story, 42.5-meter-high square pagoda features the architectural style of brink pagodas of the Tang Dynasty. Many parts of the building are original from the Song Dynasty. The pagoda today is surrounded by a "classical garden," which is dotted with bridges, pavilions and stone formations.

The songjiang is located around 30km to the south-west of Shanghai and is connected to Shanghai by buses. From the Xilin pagoda central city area to the square pagoda its a 30 minute walk to the east on Zhongshan Lu. The garden is a newly renovated and includes a large peaceful area and some 600 year old trees. A few "attractions", such electric boats, auto scooter for kids and the like at the outer places of the park disturb the peaceful overall impression. Still, the park and pagoda is highly recommended and a peaceful refreshment from crowded Shanghai city.

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