Shanghai Restaurants

Yangzhou Restaurant
  • It is famous in Shanghai for its Yangzhou style dishes from the well-known Mu's Family Kitchen. Major dishes include pork in jelly, stewed crab ovum with pork patties, Mu's braised meat slices, minced fish with pine nut kernels. Its famous pastry includes lightly fried dumplings stuffed with scallion-flavored porl, and eight-treasure shaomai.
  • Location: NO.72 West Nanjing Road
  • Tel: 021-63225266 021-63225410
  • Happy Chili, Xintiandi Branch
  • Happy Chili has multiple branches across Shanghai and has captured the attention of spice lovers citywide. The Xintiandi branch has almost palatial decor, with its rows of arches and spiraling columns. The dining hall on the whole has an elegant, old-world European feel and offers comfortable sofa-style seating and several intimate booths.
  • Location:3rd Floor, South Xintiandi, Lane 123, Xingye Road (near Madang Road)
  • Tel:021-63846667
  • Yakexi Muslim Restaurant
  • In the restaurant, you can eat while enjoy Muslim singing and dancing performances. Its specialty is roast meat
  • Location: NO. 688 West Nanjing Road
  • Tel: 021-62174774
  • Tan Wai Lou
  • Tan Wai Lou offers diners an upscale creative Cantonese dining experience that emphasizes perfection in every detail. Famous Italian architect Filippo Gabbiani blends traditional Chinese elements with modern materials to create a sophisticated dining hall while well-respected Tao Zhihai emphasizes fresh ingredients and beautiful presentation in his food. All in all, the beautiful views from the restaurant and high quality treats make Tan Wai Lou a good place for visitors to sample Cantonese cuisine.
  • Location: 5th Floor, Bund 18, 18 Zhong Shan Dong Yi Road (near East Nanjing Road)
  • Tel: 021-63391188
  • Jade Garden, Haining Branch
  • Famous for creative Shanghainese cuisine, Jade Garden combines local ingredients and techniques with those from abroad. The Haining Branch (sometimes called the 1933 Branch)was designed by English architect Balfours and built by the famous Yuhongji Construction Company.
  • Location: 3rd Floor, Apartment 447, 10 Shajing Road (near Liyang Road)
  • Tel: 021-33779090

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