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Jade Buddha TempleA brief history

The Jade Buddha Temple is famous for the Jade Buddhas in it. In the reign of Guangxu (Qing dynasty), the old Master Hui Gen from Putuo Mountain which in Zhejiang Province traveled through China then to the overseas. He started from the Putuo Mountain, traveled through the Wutai Mountain, and the Emei Mountain, from Sichuan he entered into Tibet, then into India and some other countries for sightseeing of the Buddhist sites and relics. Finally he reached Burma. When he found Burma was rich in jade and Buddhas were carved in superb craft, a keen desire to carve jade Buddhas came over him. Then he begged for money everywhere and obtained donation from Mr. Chen Junpu, a Chinese settled in Burma of over 20,000 taels of silver. He also got the special permission from the Burmese king to dig and select jade in the mountains and hired excellent jade carvers to carve five jade Buddhas in big and small sizes, all decorated with treasured stones and big pearls. That was the reason that jade Buddhas were bright like the full moon. When the Buddhas were carved, Master Hui Gen started his journey back. When he passed through Shanghai, he left two Buddhas for disciples to worship. During the time, Mr. Sheng Huaixuan was a senior official in the Qing court, his father and his uncle were pious Buddhist disciples. They built houses with thatched roofs beside the Zhuanghuabang River which located in the northeast of Shanghai to made the Buddhas worshipped. This can be accounted as the predecessor of the temple. In 1900, Another pious disciple built a new temple at the side of the Jiangwan Station in the suburb of Shanghai, which is truly the earliest Jade Buddha Temple.

Buddhism Cuisine buddhism cuisine

Buddhist cuisine is an East Asian cuisine which is followed by some believers of Buddhism. It is primarily vegetarian, in order to keep with the general Buddhist precept of ahimsa (non-violence). Parts of Ancient India were also Buddhist, and many Indians remain vegetarian.

The Jade Buddha Temple also famous for its Buddhism Cuisine, includes some dishes prepared with vegetables, such as bean curd, bean sprouts, spinaches, and so on. Famous vegetable dishes are Bean Curd with Flat Food, Bean Sprouts Spread with Edible Oil, and the Vegetable Moon Cake. Cooking of Jade Buddha Temple attches great importance to its techniques, and follows the principle of "very exacting about food". The Buddhism Cuisine of Jade Buddha Temple has a time-honored history of preparing cakes, which show high techniques, deep and profound cultural accumulations and usual characteristics. These Vegetable Moon Cakes are good in color, fragrance, taste and shape.

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