City Planning Exhibition Hall

Located next to the Shanghai government, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall is at a corner of the intersect of Middle Xi Zang Road and People's Avenue. It covers an area of over 0.4 hectare and rises 142 feet high. There are five floors above the ground and two underground. It opened to the public in 2000.

City Planning Exhibition HallWithin the hall, there are 5 floors above the ground and 2 floors under ground. Each floor focuses on different aspects of Shanghai. On the third floor, there is a huge model of the whole Shanghai. This model is 600 square meters large and it looks just astounding.

This hall was built to show the achievement of Shanghai city planning and construction. It has many functions, such as exhibition, reference, research, communication, recreation and entertainment. The main body of the building covers Shanghai's development from ancient times to the present and beyond. The theme of this building is "City, People, Environment and Development". There is a city model made to a scale of 1/500. The appearance of old Shanghai streets in the 1930s reminds people to think of the old passing days in Shanghai. The view of a future Shanghai is presented with high technology such as virtual reality and fantasy-view magic vision. The big city planning lifelike model displays for you the Shanghai vista of the future.

The design and style of the main building add beauty to the surrounding environment. Its designers borrowed their inspiration from traditional Chinese city gates, and follow the Chinese aesthetic ideal which emphasizes central symmetry and incorporates the traditional with a modern flair. The top of the building is designed in the shape of a white magnolia - the flower of Shanghai. The design of the building was awarded the Shanghai "White Magnolia Cup" and China "Luban Cup", the top Chinese award in architectural construction.

Since its opening, the hall has received many visitors from home and abroad, including Chinese leaders. Through years of development, it has become a base for national science education, patriotism education and environment protection education, and also a profession training base. Due to its multiple functions, it is regarded as a window for Shanghai to communicate with the outside world.

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