Sara - Tour Consultant in Guangzhou

Sara is an excited grin, lovely, sweet, attentive tour consultant in our Guangzhou office, she looked after guests' every need and anticipated their possible wants, offering them options for the days activities based on their specific interests.

Sara graduated from the Guangxi Normal University with degrees in English and Tourism. She was born and raised in Guilin and is an extremely bright, enthusiastic, and talented guide committed to providing her clients with the most fulfilling experience possible.

In four plus years of offering consultant service to her clients from English speaking countries, she has masterfully handled many challenging situations due to her ability to understand interpersonal dynamics. In addition to the standard tours covering Guilin's obvious attractions such as the Li River and its karst mountain formations, Sara has also organized ad-hoc family visits to local villages, exposing her clients to the basic life she experienced as a child growing up. Clients love her amiable personality and sincerity.

She is an exponent of the local food, and loves introducing the delights of Cantonese cuisine to her guests.  The most popular thing she likes to do is strolling around the old lanes of Yangshuo at weekends.  At night, locals dance in a big circle around a bonfire and bring their home-made foods. The shops along the street sell the trademark colourful ethnic minority embroidery, which can be a bargain if you´re up for the haggling.  Sara is a typical party animal on vacation, totally different type than what you see in our office.