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Shanghai Portman Acrobat Show

Portman Acrobat Show photo

Book Shanghai acrobat show ticket at the Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel, performed by Shanghai Acrobat Troupe, a well-known Chinese professional Acrobats group which was founded in 1951.

Portman Acrobat Show

  • Where: The Shanghai Center Theatre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, Shanghai
    ( 4th floor of the Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel )
  • When: 7:30pm

Portman Acrobat Show, a production with strong Shanghai features, was presented by Shanghai Acrobat Troupe in 2005 at Shanghai Center Theater. The program consists of 3 parts- “Autumn Day”, “Moon Reflection” and “ Rosy Clouds”- showing the vicissitudes of Shanghai: “Grand Feast” and “Lovers at the Bund” tell the story of yesterday; “Juggler in the Bar” reflects the charm of today; “Hoop Diving” and “Magic Illusion” predict the development of tomorrow. Some acts such as “Play Dooly”, “Silk Stripes” and “Pyramid of Chairs ” are the “Gold Lion Award” winners at China National Acrobat Competitions.

Map of Shanghai Portman Acrobat TheatreTwin shows of Huangpu Sensation

-- The Acrobat show at the Theatre in the Portman Ritz-Carlton Hotel is Huangpu Sensation 1.

-- Because the Portman Theatre is fully booked on many days, a show of Huangpu Sensation 2 is on stage in the newly renovated Huxi Theatre since Sep.10th, 2010. It is also performed by the same Acrobat troupe - Shanghai Acrobat Troupe.

Highlights of the Portman Acrobat:

Unbrella Fantasy
Umbrella Handling Foot dexterity at its best. This acrobat opens umbrellas with her feet and spins them on her toes. Try two at a time. And if umbrellas aren't already enough, there's more.

Through the Tube
Hope this guys streches before he folds himself in half and squeezes rear end first through a barrel and out the other end.

Book Portman Acrobat Show Ticket online

Price per person

Ticket Category VIP A Class B Class
Seat location Yellow area Blue area Green area
Rate in USD
42 34 27
Rate in RMB
246 200 160

 In the Portman Theatre, on Navy Blue Days, tickets are available to book.

-- If you there is no ticket at the Portman Theatre, you might book a ticket at the Huxi Theatre.  a show of Huangpu Sensation 2 is on stage in the newly renovated Huxi Theatre since Sep.10th, 2010. It is also performed by the same Acrobat troupe - Shanghai Acrobat Troupe.

Portman Acrobat Ticket
Show day and Your name
Hotel name, fax & room number

On the next page, you will see the Sales Tax, it is the extra transaction fee charged by PayPal.

If you book a ticket for today, please save our phone number 86-20-22822049

Telephone us after you have paid! We will call you back immediately for urgent assistant.

How to book Shanghai Portman Acrobat Ticket

Step 1: Pay via PayPal, or via credit card
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Please click add to chart to visit the encrypted page of PayPal.  Our PayPal account is: 
HRC Worldwide Hotel & Travel Service Limited.

Step 2: Ticket confirmation voucher
We have long term contract with Portman Acrobat Theatre,  daily seat allotment will be kept for us till 6pm.  A ticket confirmation voucher will be sent to you via email.    Please check a sample of our Ticket confirmation voucher here.   A SMS message will also be sent to your mobile phone. 

We will send you a confirmation voucher by email/fax. Please print the voucher, or get the fax from the hotel reception/business center. The theatre address has been writen in Chinese on the voucher, please print the voucher, and display it to the taxit driver. So please tell us your name, hotel name, room number, fax number if you need us to send a fax voucher.

Our booking data updates every 15 minute. If it is already fully booked on the required day, we will inform you via email as soon as possible, ask if you need to change a show day, or need 100% refund.    If you have not received our Ticket Confirmation Voucher in 20 minute, please telephone us at 86-20-22822049, or send a query immediately.

100% refund guarantee
Thousands of our clients have paid through PayPal to book tickets in this way.  In case when we find out the tickets have been sold out on the day you required, we guarantee to send 100% refund to your paypal account immediately.

paypalStep 3: Get your show ticket at the theatre
Please display our ticket confirmation voucher to the theatre staff, they will give you a show ticket, and help you to find the seat.  

Questions and answers

How can we know who has booked
After you have paid via PayPal, an instant notice will be sent both to payer and payee.   We will know the details of this booking:
- Ticket type
- No. of tickets
- Total amount in payment
- Show day
- Your name
- Your mobile phone
- Your email address

Urgent booking
In case for urgent booking within 24 hours, please send a SMS.  If there is vacany, we will reserve the seats via telephone, and send you a confirmed SMS.   A Ticket Confirmation Voucher will also be sent via Fax/Emial.  Please take this fax, or print the voucher.

Pay in cash
For urgent booking only.  At the theatre, you will be asked to display the Ticket Confirmation Voucher, and pay in cash.  The theatre does not accept credit card.

Tickets for weekends
For weekends and public holidays, the theatre does not allow people to reserve a seat via phone call, and pay in cash at the theatre.   To guarantee your tickets, you will ba asked to pay in advance to secure your seats.  Please pay via PayPal, via Credit card in advance.   If you book today's ticket, pay and telephone 86-20-22822049 now.

How to go to the theatre
The theatre address has been writen in Chinese on the voucher, please print the voucher, and display it to the taxit driver.

Need to cancel the ticket
No cancellation fee if you change or cancel the booking 48 hours prior of the show day.  We will send the refund to your paypal account.  

We will issue 100% refund of your payment through PayPal for up to 60 days from the original day the deposit was sent.

If you cancel the tickets after 60 days from the original day the payment was sent, we will inform you how much transaction fee has been deducted by PayPal, the rest of your payment will be transferred to your paypal account.

If you cancel the booking in 48 hours, no refund.  Because the theatre will charge us 100% of the ticket cost.

Need to change to another show day
Please inform us 48 hours prior of the show day, we will check the availability for seats and contact you as soon as possible.   If we can not change to the required day, we will recommend another day, or send the refund to your paypal account as required.

When should I arrive at the Shanghai Portman Acrobat theatre
The Portman Acrobat starts at 19h30, ends at 21h00.   Please arrive at the theatre at 19h00.  You need time to find your seat.   Please leave your hotel/appartment at 18h00.  The rush hour traffic might take more time than you think.  

If I need your help at the Shanghai Portman Acrobat theatre
Please find a theatre staff, borrow his/her local phone to call us at: 86-20-22822049.

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